Who Owns Sports Illustrated?

A comprehensive look at the history of Sports Illustrated and its current ownership situation.

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Who Owns Sports Illustrated and What Does It Mean for the Future of the Brand?

On Sunday, The Athletic published an article detailing the sale of Sports Illustrated to a new ownership group that includes Authentic Brands Group and MGM Resorts International. The price tag for the venerable sports media brand was reportedly $110 million, a far cry from the $1.4 billion Eugene Roberts paid for SI in 1988.

The news of the sale sent shockwaves through the media world, as Sports Illustrated is one of the most iconic brands in American history. The magazine has been a mainstay on newsstands and in homes for over 60 years, and its influence can still be felt today.

So what does the sale of Sports Illustrated mean for the future of the brand? Here are three things to consider:

1) The new owners have some interesting ideas for SI’s future: While it’s unclear what exactly Authentic Brands Group and MGM Resorts International plan to do with Sports Illustrated, it’s clear they have some interesting ideas for the brand. In an article detailing the sale, The Athletic reports that “ABG is already envisioning turning SI into a multi-platform global lifestyle brand,” which could mean anything from expanding SI’s digital presence to launching new products and ventures.

2) There’s no guarantee SI will remain a print publication: One of the most curious aspects of the sale is that MGM Resorts International is reportedly interested in using Sports Illustrated as a way to “promote its betting operations.” This could mean anything from placing ads in SI to partnering with the magazine on content, but it also raises the possibility that SI could eventually become a digital-only publication.

3) The sale could usher in a new era for sports media: For better or worse, the sale of Sports Illustrated feels like a sign of things to come for sports media. As traditional print publications continue to struggle financially, it’s likely we’ll see more brands sold off or shuttered entirely in the years ahead.

The History of Sports Illustrated and How It Changed the Sports World

Sports Illustrated is one of the most popular sports magazines in the world. It was founded in 1954 by Henry Luce, who also founded Time magazine. Sports Illustrated quickly became known for its innovative photography and its in-depth coverage of both local and national sports news.

In the 1960s, Sports Illustrated began to expand its coverage to include more human interest stories and commentary on the social aspects of sports. This change in focus helped to make the magazine even more popular, and by the 1970s it was one of the most widely-read magazines in America.

In 1988, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation purchased Sports Illustrated for $340 million. Murdoch’s ownership of the magazine led to some changes in its content, including an increase in its coverage of mixed martial arts and other less mainstream sports.

Today, Sports Illustrated remains one of the most popular sports magazines in the world, with a circulation of over 3 million copies per week. It continues to innovate in both its photography and its writing, and it remains an important voice in the world of sports journalism.

Why Sports Illustrated Is Important to the Sports World

Sports Illustrated is an American sports magazine owned by Discovery, Inc. It was first published in August 1954 and has a circulation of over 3 million. The magazine covers all major sporting events and is widely considered to be one of the most important magazines in the sports world.

How Sports Illustrated Changed the Way We Look at Sports

In the beginning, there was only one way to look at sports. You went to the game, you watched it, and then you talked about it with your friends. If you were lucky, you might see a highlights reel on the news. But that was about it.

All that changed when Sports Illustrated hit the scene.

Sports Illustrated is a magazine that covers all aspects of sports. From in-depth analysis of specific games to interviews with athletes, SI covers it all. But what really sets SI apart is its photojournalism.

Some of the most iconic images in sports history have appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. These images have captured moments of both triumph and defeat, and they have helped to shape the way we look at sports.

So who owns Sports Illustrated? The answer may surprise you.

The Impact of Sports Illustrated on the Sports World

Sports Illustrated is an American sports media franchise owned by Meredith Corporation. Its self-titled magazine has over 3 million subscribers and is read by 23 million people each week, including over 18 million men. It was the first magazine with circulation over one million to win the National Magazine Award for General Excellence twice.

Sports Illustrated’s influence extends beyond print. The magazine has also been credited with bringing sports journalism to the mainstream, helping to make it one of the most popular genres in the country. In addition to its print and digital publications, Sports Illustrated also operates SI.com, a website that attracts over 21 million unique visitors each month.

The franchise also includes several licensed products, such as books, apparel, and collectibles. Sports Illustrated has been ‘sportswear of choice’ for athletes since it launched its line in 1964. In 2006, the company launched a line of women’s sportswear under the SI Sport label.

The Future of Sports Illustrated and What It Means for the Sports World

In May 2020, it was announced that Authentic Brands Group had purchased Sports Illustrated from Meredith Corporation for $110 million. This sale came as a result of Meredith offloading some of their other magazine titles, including Time, in order to focus on their digital subscription business. So what does this mean for the future of Sports Illustrated?

For one, it’s possible that the magazine will become more focused on pop culture and entertainment, rather than just sports. This could mean more celebrity interviews and features, as well as more coverage of “lifestyle” sports like surfing and skiing. There is also a possibility that the magazine will be less focused on traditional team sports like football and basketball, and instead put more emphasis on individual sports like golf and tennis.

It’s also possible that the magazine will undergo a redesign, both in terms of its physical appearance and its content. And with a new owner comes the potential for new partnerships and sponsorships, which could change the look and feel of the magazine even further.

At the end of the day, only time will tell what exactly the future holds for Sports Illustrated. But one thing is for sure: with such a storied history, it’s sure to remain an important voice in the world of sports for years to come.

How Sports Illustrated Is Making a Comeback in the Sports World

Sports Illustrated was once the go-to magazine for sports fans. But in recent years, it has been overshadowed by newer and hipper publications.

Now, the venerable publication is making a comeback. In 2017, it was purchased by Meredith Corporation, a media company that owns a number of other magazines, including TIME, PEOPLE, and Entertainment Weekly.

Meredith Corporation has big plans for Sports Illustrated. They want to make it the premier destination for sports fans on the web. In order to do that, they’ve been beefing up the site’s content, hiring new writers, and creating new video series.

They’ve also been working on making the site more visually appealing. And they’ve been successful: in 2018, Sports Illustrated had its highest traffic numbers in years.

The future looks bright for Sports Illustrated. With its new owner’s backing and a renewed focus on quality content, it is well on its way to reclaiming its place as the top destination for sports fans.

The Return of Sports Illustrated and What It Means for the Future of Sports Media

Time Inc. announced today that it has completed the sale of Sports Illustrated to Meredith Corp. for $1.8 billion. The deal, which was first announced in May, comes as Meredith looks to further diversify its portfolio of media properties and as Time Inc. looks to shed some of its less profitable titles.

The sale marks the end of an era for Sports Illustrated, which was founded in 1954 and was long considered one of the most important magazines in sports media. In recent years, however, the magazine has struggled to keep up with the pace of change in the industry, culminating in its sale to Meredith.

What does this deal mean for the future of Sports Illustrated? And what does it say about the current state of sports media?

Here are a few thoughts:

1. This is a bet on the future of digital media
Meredith is paying $1.8 billion for Sports Illustrated, which is less than half of what Time Inc. paid for the magazine just over a decade ago. That’s a reflection of both the challenges that traditional print media companies are facing and the fact that Meredith sees digital media as a more promising growth area.

2. It’s also a bet on live events
Included in the deal is SI’s live events business, which staging events like golf tournaments and awards shows. This is an area where Meredith sees potential for growth, and it’s likely that we’ll see SI staging more events in the future.

3. Sports Illustrated is still an important brand
Despite its struggles in recent years, Sports Illustrated remains one of the most recognizable brands in sports media. That’s valuable not just in terms of its value to advertisers, but also because it gives SI a certain amount of credibility with fans and athletes alike.

4. The Cullman family could be a stabilizing force
Meredith is being funded by brothers John Caulfield and Leo Cullman Jr., who are majority owners of rival magazine publisher Hearst Corporation. Their involvement could help bring some stability to SI during what is sure to be a period of transition for the magazine.

Why Sports Illustrated Is Still the King of Sports Media

Even with declining readership in recent years, Sports Illustrated is still the king of sports media. The iconic magazine was founded in 1954 by Time Inc. and has been a staple in American pop culture ever since. Today, the publication is owned by Meredith Corporation, who purchased it from Time Inc. in 2017 for $2.8 billion.

While its main competitors have all either ceased publication or been absorbed into larger companies, Sports Illustrated has managed to stay afloat. In fact, it was one of the few successful print products that Meredith Corporation acquired from Time Inc.

The secret to Sports Illustrated’s success? Most likely, its wide-ranging appeal. The magazine covers all the major sporting events, from the Super Bowl to the Olympics, and appeals to both casual and diehard fans alike. It also does an excellent job of marrying its print and digital products, with a website that features breaking news stories and comprehensive coverage of all things sports.

So why is Sports Illustrated still the king of sports media? It’s simple: because no one does it better.

How Sports Illustrated Continues to Innovate and Why It Matters

Sports Illustrated is one of the most iconic sports brands in the world. The magazine was founded in 1954 and has been a leading voice in sports ever since. In recent years, Sports Illustrated has been on the forefront of innovation in the digital age. The magazine launched its first app in 2010 and has since continued to push the envelope with its digital offerings.

In 2017, Sports Illustrated was acquired by Meredith Corporation, one of the largest media companies in the world. Meredith has big plans for Sports Illustrated and sees it as a key part of its growth strategy. Under Meredith’s ownership, Sports Illustrated will continue to innovate and evolve to meet the needs of today’s sports fans.

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