Which Situation Best Illustrates Cultural Diffusion?

Similarly, Which example best describes cultural diffusion?

Horizons are extended and individuals become more culturally rich as a result of cultural dispersion. A lady in Manhattan, for example, may buy mala prayer beads, which Buddhist monks use to concentrate on a breath or mantra.

Also, it is asked, In what ways does cultural diffusion occur?

As civilizations engage with one another, cultural dispersion occurs. Migration may also result in cultural spread. When a big group of immigrants emigrates to a new nation, they will bring their culture with them. Culture may also be disseminated via commerce.

Secondly, What are three types of cultural diffusion?

In essence, cultural dispersion may be divided into three categories: relocation, expansion, and maladaptive.

Also, How has the invention of the Internet most affected cultural diffusion?

How has the Internet’s creation influenced cultural dispersion the most? It has sped up the procedure. Which of the following cultural exchange patterns may be seen in this comic strip? Cultural exchange takes place in both directions.

People also ask, Why does cultural divergence occur?

When a culture splits or moves in a distinct direction, this is known as cultural divergence. – Cultures grow more similar or even merge. Usually as a result of being exposed to fresh ideas. a cultural region’s constituent elements

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What is an example of cultural diffusion in the United States?

Jazz, for example, began as a fusion of African and Caribbean music. Signs in both English and Spanish may be seen in southern cities in the United States, particularly border communities. Sushi’s popularity, a classic Japanese dish, demonstrates the spread of Japanese cuisine.

What is an example of cultural diffusion quizlet?

More North Africans are embracing Western clothing and goods, and they are attempting to adapt to Western culture while remaining traditional.

What is an example of cultural diffusion Brainly?

Answer: Cultural diffusion is defined as the spread of a culture’s ideas and social activities to various races, religions, nations, and other groups. The custom of the German Christmas pickle becoming widespread in the United States is an example of cultural diffusion.

What are some examples of relocation diffusion?

Relocation Diffusion Examples Blues is a kind of music. Blues incorporates aspects of African music brought to America by slaves. Hinduism. Buddhism. In the United States, there are Amish settlements. Curry. The Log Cabin in America. The Parsis people.

Which scenario best explains the process of assimilation?

Which scenario best describes the integration process? A family moves to a new nation, settles in among people from their homeland, and carries out the majority of their daily activities in their ethnic neighborhood.

What is an example of diffusion in geography?

When inventions expand to new sites while remaining strong in their original settings, this is known as expansion diffusion. Islam, for example, has expanded around the globe while remaining strong in the Middle East, where it originated.

Which statement is an example of cultural divergence?

Cultural divergence occurs when people make and wear exclusively traditional attire from their own culture. Incorrect… Cultural divergence is defined as schooling that focuses only on one’s own culture while ignoring other cultures.

Has internet made society better?

The Internet has transformed business, education, government, healthcare, and even how we communicate with our loved ones—it has become one of the most important forces of societal change. Changes in social communication are especially important.

Which of the following best explains why the Philippines is an especially strong market for entertainment and culture from the United States?

Which of the following best describes why the Philippines is a particularly strong market for American entertainment and culture? Filipinos were exposed to American language and culture over their many years as an American colony. The Internet has had the biggest impact on which of the following?

What is the best example of cultural diffusion quizlet?

Which example of cultural spread is the best? When the Spanish conquered sections of South America, they pushed Christianity on the natives. rises at the same rate as the expansion of culture

What are some examples of cultural diffusion in history?

Common Cultural Convergences The global expansion of music is another example of cultural diffusion. Jazz, for example, began in the United States as a fusion of African and European musical traditions. It’s now popular all around the world, with many various varieties within the genre.

What is an example of diffusion in history?

Diffusion may be seen in the spread of Islam in South Asia or the expansion of Buddhism in East Asia.

What are examples of cultural convergence and divergence?

It’s fairly unusual for civilizations to resemble one another or even merge and form a new identity. Cultural convergence is the term for this combination The following are some instances of modern-day culturally diverse groups: Amish people. Muslims of the past. Jews of the past.

What is the best example of a cultural landscape?

Designed landscapes (for example, formal gardens and parks like Golden Gate Park), rural or vernacular landscapes (for example, sheep ranches, dairy ranches), ethnographic landscapes (for example, Mt.

Are cultures converging or diverging?

Divergent and convergent cultures exist. While cultural convergence refers to the coming together of diverse cultures, cultural divergence occurs when one culture produces many civilizations.

What is an example of cultural assimilation?

During the Spanish Inquisition, Jews and Muslims embraced the Roman Catholic Church as their religion, but many individuals continued to follow their old faiths in secret.

Is McDonald’s an example of cultural diffusion?

McDonald’s popularity has extended and affected Western fast-paced society. Fast-food businesses like McDonald’s, according to Radley Balko, simply adapt to and reinforce local culture.

What is an example of cultural diffusion in East Asia?

What is an example of East Asian cultural diffusion? The meeting also featured a knowledge and idea exchange. Cultural dispersion may be seen in the introduction of Buddhism to China. Both East and West suffered cultural changes as a result of commerce.

What is cultural diffusion in sociology quizlet?

The transfer of cultural ideas and social activities from one group to another is known as cultural diffusion.

What’s an example of cultural imperialism?

The aboriginal tribe’s ownership of casinos on their territory, which was given by federal legislation, is the most extreme form of cultural imperialism. Guns, the spread of smallpox, and the introduction of alcohol were further factors. Hernando Cortez landed Spanish vessels on the soil of what is now Mexico in the early 1500s.

What is the generalized other quizlet?

The phrase “generalized other” refers to a child’s conduct taking into consideration the attitudes, opinions, and expectations of society as a whole. Goffman. Self-presentation. Goffman’s viewpoint is known as the “dramaturgical approach,” since he felt that humans resembled actors in a play.

Which examples demonstrate cultural diffusion check all that apply?

The right answers are: Explorers bring their faith to a new nation, Workers relocate to a new home and share their history, and Traders share their products and ideas with a new society. Explanation: Cultural dispersion refers to the spread of various cultures over various places.

What is an example of how Western culture is embraced in other parts of the world?

The collapse of Saudi Arabia’s harsh government in 2013 is an illustration of how Western culture being welcomed in other areas of the globe. Tunisia, an Arab country, has elected a democratic leader. Protests against dictatorships in various Arab countries in 2011.

What do you think are the elements of your culture?

Symbols, language, conventions, values, and artifacts are the primary components of culture. Language facilitates efficient social interaction and shapes people’s perceptions of ideas and things. Individualism, competitiveness, and a devotion to the work ethic are among the major principles that characterize the United States.

What are the 4 types of cultural diffusion?

Diffusion of Relocation Diffusion in Hierarchy Diffusion of Stimulus Contagious Transmission (diseases not allowed)


Cultural diffusion is a term that describes the spread of cultural traits from one society to another. Cultural convergence refers to the process by which two or more cultures become similar over time, due to contact and integration.

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Cultural diffusion takes place in a society when people from one culture adopt the beliefs, customs, and practices of another. Reference: cultural diffusion takes place in a society when.

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