Which Example Best Illustrates That Light Behaves Like Particles?

Which of the following examples best demonstrates how light acts like particles? A white cement walkway reflects light. In the late 1500s, Zaccharias Janssen, a scientist who investigated light qualities, produced one of the earliest compound microscopes.

Similarly, When light bends as it passes from one transparent object to another the light is quizlet?

The direction in which light travels changes as it crosses from one transparent material to another of a different kind. Refraction is the name for this phenomena.

Also, it is asked, Which prediction will most likely be supported by Carla’s experimental results?

Carla’s experimental findings will most likely support which prediction? After twenty minutes, the stone will feel warmer than the glass.

Secondly, Which property did Janssen most likely believe about light during the time of his invention?

Which attribute of light did Janssen most likely believe about when he invented it? Surfaces reflect light.

Also, Which statement correctly compares the speed of light quizlet?

Which of the following statements accurately compares the speed of light? Light travels slower through glass than light travels across space. The illustration depicts the interaction of light with an item.

People also ask, What refracts at greater angles in transparent materials blue light or red light?

Over the whole visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, a 1% change in the index of refraction causes a considerable shift in the direction of the emerging red and blue rays. Blue light bends more than red light because the index of refraction is higher at shorter wavelengths.

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Which is an example of a transverse wave quizlet?

Transverse waves or longitudinal waves include light waves. Transverse waves include, for example, light waves.

Which objects absorbs the most visible light?

This indicates that a dark object absorbs the majority of visible light and turns it to heat.

What object would absorb the most light quizlet?

Because of the magnitude of the wave lengths, the black construction paper will absorb the majority of the light. Because black is not a color, it absorbs all of the wavelength hues. No color reflects, thus the black absorbs energy and converts it to heat energy.

What happens when light from the Sun interacts with the molecules of the atmosphere?

What occurs when the Sun’s light interacts with the atmosphere’s molecules? The light is scattered by the molecules.

Which refers to the number of wavelengths that pass a fixed point in a second?

frequency. the number of wavelengths passing through a particular place per second

How did observations of light being refracted change the way most scientists thought about light?

How did observations of light being refracted influence how most scientists thought about light after the 1600s? They were no longer convinced that light behaved in waves. They started to assume that light behaved like waves.

Which are characteristic of the speed of light?

Light travels at the speed of electromagnetic waves. In space, the speed of light is 3.0 x 108 m/s. In all matter, the speed of light is the same. Higher frequency light slows down faster in matter than lower frequency light.

What is special about the speed of light?

The speed of light, or c, is now widely regarded as the cornerstone of special relativity since, unlike space and time, it is constant and independent of the observer. Furthermore, most of what we know about the Universe is based on this constant.

What is the color that BENS the most and refracts by the largest angle in dispersion?

As light waves enter and exit the prism, they are refracted. The more light is refracted, the shorter the wavelength is. As a consequence, red light is refracted the least and violet light the most, allowing the colored light to spread out over a spectrum. This is referred to as dispersion.

Why does red light refract less?

Each light beam has its unique wavelength and is slowed down differently by the glass. Violet light has a shorter wavelength, hence it is slowed more than red light with larger wavelengths. As a result, violet light bends the greatest, whereas red light bends the least.

Which has greater angle of refraction red or violet?

Red light has a slightly different refractive index in glass than violet light. Violet light is refracted at a little larger angle than red light because it is slower.

Is sound an example of a transverse wave?

Mechanical waves include all sound waves. A transverse wave is one in which the particles of the medium travel in the opposite direction as the wave’s motion. A transverse wave is the name for this sort of wave.

Is a sound wave a transverse wave?

The studies showed that sound in the air, or sound in fluids, may be a transverse wave with complete vector qualities like spin angular momentum, much like light.

What are some examples of light absorption?

In white light, for example, grass looks green because it absorbs red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and violet. The grass reflects green light, which our eyes sense.

What is an example of light absorption?

Light absorption is the process of absorbing light and converting it into energy. Photosynthesis in plants is one example of this process. However, light absorption occurs in all organisms and inorganic objects, not only plants.

Which object should absorb the greatest amount of light?

Because light is energy, the more light a thing absorbs, the more heat it absorbs. If color is considered, black absorbs the greatest heat. All wavelengths of light are absorbed by a black object, and none are reflected. White objects, on the other hand, reflect all wavelengths of light and hence absorb the least amount of heat.

When placed in sunlight which of the following would absorb the most light energy *?

Water absorbs a lot of solar energy, with the quantity absorbed being proportional to the size of the body of water. An ocean, for example, will absorb more energy than a lake. Water gently releases energy back into the surrounding air.

When an object reflects all light what does it appear?

Because white things reflect all colors, they seem white.

What kind of molecules scatter high frequencies of light?

The atmosphere is a gaseous sea filled with a multitude of particles; the two most frequent forms of materials in the atmosphere are gaseous nitrogen and oxygen. The higher frequency and shorter wavelength regions of the visible light spectrum are best scattered by these particles.

Why is the sky blue when the sun is overhead?

It looks white around midday, when the Sun is directly above. This is because light travels a shorter distance through the atmosphere to reach us; even blue light is dispersed relatively little. During the day, the sky appears blue because blue light is the most distributed.

Why is the sky blue when the sun is overhead quizlet?

When the Sun is above, why is the sky blue? Because blue light scatters more than any other light in the atmosphere, the sky appears blue.

When a wave strikes an object and bounces of?

When a wave hits an item and bounces back, this is called reflection.

Which refers to the number of wavelengths that pass a fixed point in a second quizlet?

Frequency. The number of wavelengths passing through a given place per second, measured in hertz. Interference.

Is a wave behavior that occurs when two waves are combined and form a new wave?

When two or more waves come together, they interact. Wave interference is the interaction of waves with other waves. When two waves moving in opposing directions collide, wave interference may occur. The amplitude of the two waves is affected when they travel past each other.

What does light act like when it bounces off a surface?

Reflection. When incident light (incoming light) strikes an item, it bounces back. Mirrors and other flat surfaces reflect practically all incident light. The wavelengths of light reflected by an item determine its hue, whereas all other wavelengths are absorbed.


The “which object absorbs the most visible light?” is a question that can be answered by looking at how light behaves. The answer is that objects absorb the most visible light when they are smaller than their wavelength.

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The “Which statement correctly compares the speed of light?” is a question that asks which example best illustrates that light behaves like particles. The answer to this question is: “A photon travels at 3 x 10^8 m/s.” Reference: which statement correctly compares the speed of light?.

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