How Much Do Illustrators Make?

According to the BLS, illustrators earned an average yearly pay of $63,030 in May 2019. Their pay is heavily influenced by the size of their employers, their experience, and where they live. The incomes of fifty percent of these outstanding painters ranged from $32,400 to $74,110 per year.

Similarly, Do illustrators make good money?

According to the most current information from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (dated May 2020), the average yearly pay for an in-house illustrator is $65,020, or $31.26 per hour.

Also, it is asked, Are illustrators rich?

According to a little out-of-date poll conducted by 3 magazine, illustrators in the United States may make up to $948,000 per year. However, $530,000 came from other sources, such as print sales and commissioned work. The greatest illustrators in New York earn roughly $100,000 per year on average.

Secondly, How much does an illustrator make per book?

Now consider the overall revenue from children’s books in 2020: These ranges might signify a number of things when you go further into the replies. An artist works on one or two books each year and earns between $10000 and $30000.

Also, How do illustrators get rich?

7 Simple Online Income Opportunities for Freelance Illustrators Look for online freelance jobs. As a freelance artist, you may make money in a variety of ways. Your Vector Design may be sold. Create your own content. Begin developing a paid online course. Start a blog dedicated to Illustrator hints and tips.

People also ask, Where do illustrators make the most money?

According to the BLS, those working in the motion picture and video sectors received the highest yearly wages of $100,940. At $94,080 per year, they drew almost as much for engineering and architectural services. Illustrators who worked for specialist design firms made $48,670 per year.

Related Questions and Answers

Do illustrators need a degree?

Although certain entry-level professions need just a high school certificate and extraordinary drawing talents, most illustrators have at least an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration.

Is it hard to find a job as an illustrator?

While it may take a few years to acquire one of those positions, finding low-paying employment that don’t need a lot of expertise isn’t all that tough. The difficulty is that this sort of employment is very simple to get caught into.

Is a degree in illustration worth it?

According to, illustrators with degrees make an average of $67,913 per year. If you take out student loans, you might expect to pay them off in a decade or more. Most artists wind up working for themselves, marketing and networking to get employment.

How much do you pay a children’s book illustrator?

According to best-selling author Joanna Penn, the typical compensation for a 32-page picture book is $3,000 to $12,000, equating to $150 to $600 per illustration for a 32-page book with 20 pictures. Anthony Puttee, a publishing specialist, predicts a somewhat lower typical charge of about $120 per illustration.

How much royalties do illustrators get?

If you’re the author and artist, you’ll get to retain the whole royalty rate, which will be identical to what was said above: roughly 10% with prospective benchmarks of around 15%. If you’re only an illustrator, revenues will be divided evenly between you and the author.

How do illustrators price their work?

A freelance illustrator may frequently expect to get paid extra for their work if their artwork is included in a magazine that is sold in numerous countries. The percentage rates are normally 5-10% of the retail price or 15-20% of the wholesale price, although they are subject to the artist’s approval.

How long does it take to illustrate a children’s book?

I polled hundreds of skilled children’s book artists, and the majority claimed they have six months to complete a project. The dummy book, final drawings, and final artwork are all included. When you examine the folded and collected printed copies (F&G’s), the publisher also offers you opportunity to improve your artwork.

What do you need to be an illustrator?

Bachelor’s degree in fine arts is required for illustrators. Illustrations that have been finished. Illustrator, graphic designer, or comparable professional experience is preferred. Computer-aided design (CAD) software work experience Skills in drawing, painting, and digital drawing.

Are illustrators in demand?

In the United States, there are around 28,000 illustrators. Between 2016 and 2026, the illustration employment market is predicted to rise by 6.8%.

Who is the most famous illustrator?

5 of the most important illustrators in history Sendak, Maurice. Blake, Charles M. Quentin Miyazaki, Hayao Beatrix Potter is a children’s author.

How much money do top illustrators make?

What are the hourly wages for illustrator jobs? Salary per annum Wage Per Hour Highest-paid employees $83,500$4075th Percentile$70,000$34Average $39,000$19$57,297$2825th Percentile$57,297$28

How many hours do illustrators work?

Typical Working Hours Full-time illustrators often work 40 hours a week during normal business hours, with overtime needed on occasion to meet deadlines.

How do I start a career in illustrator?

How to Become a Graphic Designer Continue your studies. Technical instruction in drawing, painting, and computer graphics is provided through a fine arts degree program. Determine your own style. The majority of illustrators have a distinct style and point of view. Make an online portfolio. Develop a clientele.

How long does it take to become a illustrator?

What is the average time it takes to become an illustrator? If you want to pursue a degree, it will take four years. Some certifications may take you two years to complete. Make sure you start building your portfolio as soon as you begin your studies.

What are the 5 fine arts?

Fine art was traditionally divided into five categories. Paintings, architecture, sculptures, music, and poetry were among the fine arts. However, the current list of fine arts has been enlarged to include further forms, bringing the total number of recognised fine arts to seven.

What do book illustrators do?

Illustrations for digital and print books are created by book illustrators. They develop the visual aspects of a publication based on a brief from the publisher or author.

Do illustrators need an agent?

An agent is only required when you begin working on large projects, such as advertising, which need someone to assist you bargain and coordinate. Working on editorial and book projects is a great way to get started as an illustrator since it allows you to explore and generate a lot of work fast.

Can an illustrator work from home?

While some artists work as freelancers and others as employees, many creative occupations, including remote illustration employment, may be done from home. Illustrators develop graphics and artwork for print and digital media in collaboration with clients and marketing teams.

How do I start freelance illustrator?

How to Get Your Illustration Career Started Consider the kind of job you’d want to undertake. The majority of the folks I know begin their careers in editorial illustration. Start sketching. Make a website for your portfolio. Set up your company. Use social media to promote your work. Begin hustling. Make new acquaintances among illustrators. Organize yourself.

Is going to college for art worth it?

Despite the negative perceptions of art majors, an art degree may be an effective way to acquire and refine the studio abilities needed to pursue a career as a professional artist. Students may learn important skills and surround themselves with like-minded people thanks to the program’s atmosphere and duration.

Should I do graphic design or illustration?

The distinction between illustration and graphic design A graphic designer’s job include constructing various visual elements and promotional marketing materials, such as text, layout, photographs, font arrangement, and drawings. Graphic illustrations, on the other hand, are more concentrated on drawing.

How much do illustrators charge per page?

Working with artists who are still in college will cost you between $25 and $50 per hour, whilst working with more experienced illustrators would cost you between $100 and $250 per hour. It all depends on the situation. When it comes to freelance illustrators who operate on a project-by-project basis, the same issues apply.

How much should a freelance illustrator charge?

Illustrators’ hourly prices vary from $25 to $100, with higher charges based on the area of speciality and the artist’s reputation. An illustration job may cost anywhere from $90 to $465 on average throughout the country, although bigger projects will cost more, and each project is unique.

How much do illustrators charge for book covers?

What is the cost of hiring an illustrator? A professionally drawn book cover will cost between $500 and $1500 on average. As you would think, a completely illustrated book is substantially more costly – anything from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the extent and sophistication of the artwork.


How much do illustrators make an hour? The answer to that question is not easy to find. In fact, it’s almost impossible. However, if you’re curious about how much your favorite artists are making for their work, you can check out the salary report from the Society of Illustrators.

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